How to weigh weed without a digital scale

If you want to make your own custom homemade scale it is very easy. You just need a few items that can be found around the house.

• A clothes hanger
• Some String
• Clothepins
• Sharp Knife
• Penny, nickle, or quarter. 

To make this homemade scale use a hanger that is made of soft plastic because you will need to drill part of it with a knife. For the string anything will work. Even a shoelace.

For the clothespins the best are the wooden ones with springs because the handle needs to be notched in order for the string to be tied on and not slip.

1. First cut the top "loopy" part off of the clothes hanger. You can just cut into the thick parts of the plastic a little, and break it off. Next, find the very middle of the hanger and drill a small hole there with a knife or a pair of scissors. Than to find the point of balance you need to gently hold the hanger between your pinched together fingers, so it's able to tip to the left or right side. As you will find the center will be close to where you think it is.

2. Then drill holes into the left and right arms and try to get out to the ends.

3. Take a wooden clothespin and use the knife or scissors to put two small notches into the handle. 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch deep is fine. Then, tie a string on the handle, so it's into the notches. This will hold the item you are weighing. Tie the oppostie end of the string to the hole you just made. Repeat for the other arm, with the other clothespin.

4. Tie a piece of string to the balance point. Make sure that you leave a little bit of slack on both ends. The top end needs a to be a loop so you can hang it over a doorknob if need be. The bottom end should be tied to something heavy. This bottom part of the string will create a perfect vertical line and that is your reference. Use a pen or marker to make a line on the position of the string when there's no weight on the scale.

5. To use the scale attach your object to be weighed on one arm, and a known weigh" to the other arm. For example here are some known weights.

Penny before 1984 = 3.2 grams
Penny after 1984 = 2.5 grams
Nickel = 5 grams
Quarter coin = 5.670 grams

Change the known weights until you get the scale to be balanced. The scale is balanced when the reference line and the marked line match up (obviously).

Pro tip: If you need a more accurate scale, drill the balance point lower. This will move the pivot closer to the ends of the arms. Also, you can move the holes at the ends upwards, and cut the ends off.

Pro tip: Ehow has an okay write up on how to make your own scale. It is kind of confusing though.

Pro tip: If you need baggies you can find them here.

Pro tip: You can find the 
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Both of these methods are still very inaccurate!


Your best bet is to buy a real scale

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